NMV Inc. - What we do

Your business, or venture has a goal... you need to get from where you are now—point A; to where you want to be (in 'X' time)—point B.

As Creatives: Photographers, Cinema-photographers, Artists, Designers, Inventors, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Journalists, Managers, Marketers, Programmers, Techies, - jointly or individually we're all of the above under-one-roof. This is what allows NMVinc. to make your journey a smooth one. Think of it as this... in one vehicle you have a 'mechanic', 'sing-along cheerleder', navigator, fuel trailer, and team of drivers, to make your journey from 'A to B' a smooth one.

NMVinc. is a team of talent and production under-one-roof for virtually all aspects of marketing, advertising, presentation of your company. We do so by producing the tools necessary meeting a client's specific needs for their journey. We do the necessary research, consultations and planning to make our client's venture a successful one. NMVinc. does not take a 'cookie-cutter', or 'tour guide' approach to any project. Think about it...our company is not a 'cookie-cutter' company-even if you're making 'cookie-cutters'-your product or service is unique; you have a story to tell; you are special and need to separate yourself from your competition. You want your audience to understand what you do, or teach them how to do it. You need NMVinc.!

Be it:

  • Brochures: Print or Interactive
  • Interactive Presentations
  • Websites
  • Advertising; and targeted Campaigns
  • Video Presentations
  • Training Presentations
  • Catalogs
  • Online Catalogs
  • Product or Service Visuals & Photography
  • Menus
  • Print Collateral materials

We create custom tools for you to communicate and market your company, product or services that meet your target!

We're so pleased to be able to speak to the benefits that our company, and it's employee-owners, have received from our long association with NMV...as contractors, we are entrepreneurial and even creative when challenging situations present themselves on projects, but ask us to present ourselves in innovative ways to clients, prospective new employees and the public and we clam up.... Thank you NMV for everything you do for C. C. Myers, Inc.
L. J. CLifford, CFO and T. McNamara, IT Manager - C. C. MYERS, INC.