Many companies turn to NMVinc. for help on a specific project, or a strategy that's not working currently for them. But then, after we point out how that affects other aspects of their business, they're surprised the misdirection they've had been going. NMVinc. works you to set in-place the necessary mapping out of a plan and direction.


As an adjective has many meanings and sub-meanings; NMVinc. is a 'Creative shop', we Create, the Noun: we produce...actually do the work, we don't sub-out Photography, Videography, Multi-media, Web/Internet, by doing so, save our clients time and money. And we do it with Creativity (adverb)! Call us 'Creatives'.


Like Creative, results too has man meanings. For some, it's a need for a particular element or desire: brochure, photo, video, or website. We're can handle that. But for real Results it's setting a direction of a total package. Your goals, desires & growth. Contact NMVinc. to see how we can help you in your direction.

NMVinc. Productions, Complete Creative Services & Production for marketing your business.

Cost Effective

NMVinc.'s creative and in-house production makes us much more cost effective than most agencies, and many agencies turn to NMVinc. to produce materials for their clients.

Time Saving

Within NMVinc.'s 4,200 sq.ft. production facility we can shoot, design, produce your projects under one roof, saving time and money.


Every agency says they produce results, but the proof's in the pudding: more hits, more business, more buzz. That's what our clients get!

Marketing Tools

Website, Collateral & Print materials, Interactive Presentations, Training & Presentation tools; NMVinc. creates tools that work for you; Message, Branding, Education of your company's service or product.

In-house Production

In our production facility NMVinc. does photography or video, multi-media productions. We can shoot cars, food, people you name it! We'll make your image sing.

Technology savy

The world's changing fast. At NMVinc. we keep up on the latest technologies that helps your message get out: Mobile Apps, Flash, PHP, Java. They're tools of our trade that create the tools that market your business.


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    Soundmatters Presentation video and How-to setup video


    Brand development, Menus, Website and more...


    Creation of the image and branding of CC Myers, Inc. with a website, folder brochure, presentation and campaign/brand materials.



NMV Inc. Productions
11300 Coloma Rd., Suite B-14
Gold River, CA 95670
T (916) 806.7718
Skype: nmvinc
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John Wagman

"NMVinc. developed our website ( in 1999, we then went through a redesign in 2009, we then added the Travel & Leisure division after that. We represent over 300 corporate photographers world wide, so it's important to have our web presence be effective and reliable. NMVinc. have the expetise and service that I need and know I can rely on them for quick response. Also having Jeff Burkholder, available as an accomplished corporate photographer I'm able to turn to them for assignments. I highly recommend NMVinc. to anyone who's website is an integral part of their business."

C. C. Myers, Inc.

We're so pleased to be able to speak to the benefits that our company, and it's employee-owners, have received from our long association with NMV and Jeff Burkholder. We are contractors and by our very nature, we are entrepreneurial and even creative when challenging situations present themselves on projects, but ask us to present ourselves in innovative ways to clients, prospective new employees and the public and we clam up. The skill sets we need to communicate in today's technology driven world to those who are often unfamiliar not only with our company but sometimes with our industry, are critical to our long term success. Jeff and his team at NMV have taken us by the hand and led us confidently and professionally through the maze of presentations, publications, websites, and collateral for many of the new delivery methods such as design build and public private partnerships that are becoming more prevalent in our work. Now we "look" as good as we perform, and that's pretty damn good. Thank you NMV for everything you do for C. C. Myers, Inc.
L. J. CLifford, CFO and T. McNamara, IT Manager,


Our relationship with NMV and Jeff Burkholder is unique in the sense that we actually met Jeff because he is using our eBillity Time Tracker and had some questions about its use. Within minutes Jeff identified some needs that we had for an upcoming Vegas tradeshow and pulled together all of the pieces necessary to make our presentation a complete hit! Everything from brochures, banners & screen printed t-shirts were taken care of in quick fashion. And what good is all that without beautiful models to hand them out? Yes, Jeff even took care of that! There is no question that if you want something done quickly, and more importantly done right, then Jeff and NMV is the place to be.

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