Our shop's like a one-stop 'service station', making your life so much easier. We can handle most-all of your needs in our 4,200 Sq.Ft. production facility. NMVinc. creates & produces all types of marketing, advertising, presentation and interactive tools for your needs.

In the Design & Production Dept. we create everything from: brochures, presentation & collateral materials- and all types of print-based materials. In the Interactive media we create: websites, CDROM/Interactive presentations and much more. In-house production for everything digital; of course that means Digital Imaging, 3D, Flash, digital media for iPad, and interactive print-media.

The Video/Audio Production Dept. has full in-house video editing suite, audio editing suite and audio recording booth; where we produce many various productions like: marketing & presentation videos, training videos, and commercials for our clientele; NMVinc. can record audio tracks in-house saving our clientele time & money on their productions.

In our two photo/video production studios we can create all the images and video necessary for most any projects. Including a full kitchen, with commercial stove & oven; The large studio has a 32 ft. complex cove, capable of handling cars to large groups, and of course 'green-screen' needs; catwalk for shooting down on the world; Dressing room; and second studio, StudioTwo, for medium size projects. In both studios NMVinc.'s has shot product catalogs (of 400 products) in just 3 days (most studios would take 7-8 days). Or we've had two complete different sets for our client's jobs...where anywhere else it would take two days to shoot the two sets. For a fashion clothing catalog we ran both studios and shot 800 products with 6 models, that's a shot every 2 minutes. NMVinc. saved the client thousands of dollars by producing in the manner done.

In our facilities, of course we have all the necessary tools; Software to get the job done: Adobe, Flash, Office, and much more... but it's not the software that gets the job done, that's just one small aspect for any client's project-it's the knowledge, talent and understanding of our client's needs, desires and goals- which could be why we've won so many awards on the projects we've produced for our clients. Click here for the short list.